I am Alexandra Cox, licensed pharmacist since 2013. I practiced for 4 years as an incumbent in a pharmacy specializing in natural medicine and micronutrition.

My mother, also a pharmacist, passed on to me her passion for essential oils and I practiced aromatherapy and phytotherapy counselling while working with her. What I love above all else is to help and advise in the field of health, and especially natural health!

When my husband offered me the opportunity to move to the United States to develop his business, I saw it as an opportunity to continue doing what I love, but in a different format: this blog! My blog Tea TV App allows me to share my experience to help my readers live a healthy life every day. 

This goes beyond nutrition, as I cover a lot of different topics. Everything that I find interesting and that could potentially add to your life!

Read my blog over a cup of tea

I am passionate about socializing with others! I like to welcome and exchange with each of my friends and internet users, and make nice encounters during my travels. Togetherness is my philosophy of life, and tea is my sweet sin, the symbol of it all.

The tea that I drink on all occasions is a culture, an ode to travel, a daily well-being ritual. Flavors, aromas, colors, everything is simply extraordinary, a discovery, an enrichment with each cup.

I wish to share this passion with as many of us tea lovers (or not) as possible, because togetherness is above all a great moment of sharing! So, make your water simmer, take out your most beautiful cup, brew and travel with me by reading this blog…